A J Ludlow Professional Watercolour 15ml Glass Jar- Cadmium Red

A J Ludlow Professional Watercolour 15ml Glass Jar- Cadmium Red

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A bright and intense red and can be used on the artist’s pallet as a brilliant mid-shade red, which can be mixed with yellows to create warm oranges and with blues to give a selection of purples.  As with all cadmium pigments this colour is opaque in heavier layers.

The pigment has excellent heat stability, a high degree of light fastness and chemical resistance.  

Pigment Details: Cadmium Sulphoselenide / Colour Index Pigment Red 108 (C.I. PR108)

Cadmium Red Professional Watercolour is prepared using a mixed crystal inorganic pigment, cadmium sulphoselenide (sulphide selenide).  The pigment is a solid solution of cadmium selenide in cadmium sulphide; the ratio of which will influence the pigment’s hue as the more cadmium selenide the redder the pigment will be.  This pigment’s crystal contains relatively more more cadmium selenide than the cadmium sulphoselenide pigment used in A J Ludlow’s Cadmium Scarlet Professional watercolour.

Although containing cadmium, this metal’s bioavailabilty in the pigment used in our watercolour is very low and so the pigment is considered safe for use in the Professional watercolour range.

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