Unison Soft Pastels-15% off, some colours as low as £2 each

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Unison Colour handmade soft pastels are highly pigmented that reveal intense colour when used.

They offer vibrant or subtle shades of colour with a wonderful consistent and smooth texture.

Popular with both professional and amateur artists, Unison Colour soft pastels have a reputation for being the best available.

The softness of the pastels allows the artist to create a range of effects and to mix colours while drawing.

Suitable for multi-media work, they can be blended & used with different mediums such as oil, charcoal, pencil & watercolour.

Unison Colour began in the early 1980’s when Artist John Hersey found that mass-produced, factory made pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for, and so decided to make his own.

Today Unison hand makes over a quarter of a million sticks a year, still made to the original recipes.