Drawing & Sketching

Below is a list of our ranges stocked in store, this may not list everything (so why not just come in to the shop for a browse anyway?).

Many additional lines and product ranges or different size options are available to order.

Staedtler Lumograph '100' Pencils

A premium quality writing, drawing and sketching pencil in a wide range of 20 degrees of hardness/blackness

Their special lead formulation and super-bonded lead is designed to make them break resistant and the wooden casing is from certified, sustainably managed forests

Sold Singly and available in tins of 6, 12 & 19


Staedtler Tradition 110 Pencils

A more cost effective alternative to the Lumograph, the iconic black and red cased pencil is a high quality pencil for writing, drawing and sketching with 12 degrees

Featuring the same break resistant design as the Lumograph and wood from certified, sustainably managed forests

Sold singly and available in sets of 6

Derwent Graphic pencils

A drawing and sketching pencil from the company that made the first graphite pencils in the UK.

Derwent Graphic offers a wide choice of degrees in a pencil that will sharpen to a long-lasting point, from a fine and crisp 9H to a soft and smudgy 9B, ideal for adding texture and shade to your drawings or for detailed illustrations.

Sold individually and available in sets of 6, 12 & 24

Derwent Sketching

Only available in a selection of three grades HB, 2B and 4B they have been developed to allow for quick sketching.

With a wide graphite strip to allow you to quickly rough-out a loose sketch and once that has been done the pencil can be sharpened to a  fine point to add the all important detail.

Sold individually





Derwent Sketching Water-soluble

Same idea as the standard Derwent Sketching pencil but as the names suggests by adding water to your sketches the graphite gently dissolves and gives your drawing takes on a new, softer feel.

Available in light (HB), medium (4B) and dark (8B)

Ideal for creating expressive tonal drawings and line and wash sketches

Sold individually

Derwent Drawing Pencils

PDF Colour Chart

A pencil with a soft texture and broad colour strip, they feature an ‘earthy’ colour palette designed to be ideal for building up colour for dense fur or feathers when drawing animals.

This pencil also boasts a range of Sepia tones in the range, useful when drawing life studies or portraits.

Stocked as individual pencils & Available in Sets

Derwent Onyx

Onyx is the blackest graphite pencil Derwent have produced, even darker than a 9B, available in medium and dark (I suppose that’s black and BLAAACK!)

They can be used on their own for creating dark, moody pictures or used with other graphite media add dense shade and tone. Like other Derwent pencils they sharpen to a firm point for fine detail.

Derwent Charcoal

Real Charcoal encased in wood they are great way of achieving the traditional effects of charcoal, but with less mess.

Available in three grades- light, medium & dark,  they provide provide a wide tonal range from a light grey to a deep black.

Sold individually

Derwent Graphitone

With no wood casing, just sticks of pure water-soluble graphite make these ideal for expressive sketching.

It can be used like a pencil or peel off the ‘easy peel’ wrapper and the stick can be used whole or broken into chunks to create broad sweeps of tone really quickly.

Once water is added water the graphite will dissolve into softness.

Available in 4 wash strengths from a light to a very dark wash.  Light Wash 2B, Medium Wash 4B, Dark Wash 6B and Very Dark Wash 8B.

Sold individually and blister packs of 4

Derwent Graphite Blocks

Blocks of pure Cumberland Graphite these are ideal for creating big dramatic pictures whether used flat for broad strokes or on their edge for defined lines, they are also naturally water soluble.

The firm blocks withstand pressure well and allow dense tones to be built up. Blending can be done with use either your fingers or a paper stump if preferred.

Available in 3 Grades Soft, Medium and Hard the blister pack contains 2 of each

Pure Graphite sticks

A range of brands in slim or ‘Jumbo’ sticks in various ‘B’ Grades

Sets of other brands of sketching pencils on offer

Selection of Mechanical pencils and leads 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 & 2mm in various grades

Willow Charcoal sticks in various pack sizes

Compressed Charcoal Black & Greys sets

Koh-i-noor Graphite powder

A finely ground graphite powder ideal for large area shading and can also be easily blended or applied with a brush.

80g Bottle includes applicator nozzle.


Putty Rubbers, plastic erasers, eraser shields

Pencil sharpeners

Pencil Extenders

Blenders, Tortillions, shapers