Here a list of our ranges stocked in store, this may not list everything (so why not pop in to the shop for a browse?) and many additional lines and product ranges or different size options are available to order.

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Surfaces for drawing and dry media

  • Cartridge papers A1 sheets 130 to 300gsm
  • Cartridge pads Daler Rowney A6 to A2
  • Wiro and hardback books A6 to A3 Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, Derwent, Seawhite
  • Artists’ Journals Fabriano, Derwent, Seawhite, Hannemuhle
  • Pastel papers by the sheet: Fabriano Ingres, Canson Mi Teintes, Colourfix card, sugar paper
  • Pastel pads Ingres, Murano, Velour, Pastelmat selection of sizes and colours
  • Tracing paper sheets and pads
  • Layout and Marker pads A4 to A2

Presentation Materials and Equipment

  • Daler Rowney Mountboard range of colours in A1 size, white and ivory in A0
  • Foamboard 5mm A1
  • Self Adhesive Foamboard 5mm A1 and A2
  • Grey Board 2mm and Pulp Board
  • Clairefontaine Maya coloured card full selection of colours in 270gsm A4 and A1 sizes, and 120gsm in A4 only
  • Tissue paper and crepe paper selection of colours
  • Hand made papers: selection including Himalayan Lokta, flower papers, Japanese Sanwa tissue and Indian Khadi paper

Surfaces for watercolour painting

Saunders Waterford

Saunders Waterford® is a top quality professional watercolour paper.
Described by its maker, St Cuthberts Mill, as their superior quality watercolour paper, it is endorsed by the Royal Watercolour Society.   

Traditionally made using 100% cotton, the highest quality papermaking material, on a cylinder mould machine, its attractive surface is created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture.

The surface is sized in gelatine making the sheet very strong and assisting with the flow of wash from brush to paper. It is resistant to scrubbing and other extreme treatments like masking fluid removal.

Made to meet high archival standards, each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate that helps to defend finished pieces of work from discolouration caused by acids present in atmospheric pollution. Stored correctly the paper will last for hundreds of years, without discolouring or falling apart.

Single sheets have 4 deckle edges and are watermarked and embossed for authenticity

Ideal for Multimedia, in addition to watercolour this paper is suitable for pastel, gouache, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, pen & ink and printmaking.


Available in imperial single sheets 22 x 30” (560mm x 760mm) in:

High White
NOT/Cold Pressed (CP) surface in 90lb (190gsm), 140lb (300gsm) and 300lb (640gsm)

Standard White
NOT/CP- 90lb (190gsm), 140lb (300gsm) and 300lb (640gsm)
Rough Surface- 140lb (300gsm) and 300lb (640gsm),
Smooth/Hot Pressed (HP) Surface: 140lb (300gsm)


Spiral bound 'Fat pads' (25 sheets) various sizes NOT & HP options

Blocks (20 sheets) 140lb NOT/CP Surface, glued on all four sides the blocks mean there is no need to soak and stretch the sheet as the paper dries flat. Ideal for painting on location, available in various sizes

    Plus packs of sheets, rolls and blocks available to order in multiple other size and finish options.


    Bockingford® Watercolour Paper

    Bockingford®, also made in England by St Cuthberts Mill on a cylinder mould machine.  

    It has an attractive surface also created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture.

    The paper is extremely forgiving , which has excellent colour lifting abilities- making it easier to get back to the white base paper. It is popular with professional and amateur artists around the world due in part to its affordable price.

    A high quality paper made using pure materials, it is acid free and meets archival standards, so when stored correctly it will last centuries with no dis-colouration or deterioration.

    The paper will last for hundreds of years (in good storage conditions) and won’t discolour or fall apart.

    Suitable for Multimedia, in addition to watercolour the paper accepts pastel, gouache, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and pen & ink. The paper can also be used for certain print techniques.


    Available in single sheets 22 x 30” (560mm x 760mm) in:

    Standard White

    NOT/CP (Cold Pressed)- 90lb (190gsm), 140lb (300gsm) and 200lb (425gsm)

    Rough Surface- 140lb (300gsm)

    Smooth/Hot Pressed (HP) Surface: 140lb (300gsm)

    Tints – Cream, Oatmeal, Blue, Grey and Eggshell (Please Phone 01437 779 646 to check current stock)

    NOT/CP (Cold Pressed) 140lb (300gsm)

    Spiral bound Fatpads (25 sheets) 140lb NOT/CP Surface, several sizes

    Spiral bound pads (12 sheets) 140lb NOT/CP & ROUGH Surface, several sizes

    Blocks, gummed on four sides (12 sheets) 140lb NOT/CP

    Plus packs of sheets, rolls and blocks available to order in multiple other size and finish options.


    ARCHES® Aquarelle Watercolour 

    ARCHES® boasts it is the only paper mill in the world to use gelatin size right  to the core of the paper, this helps to preserve the transparency and vibrancy of the colours whilst stopping paints from penetrating through the paper. 

    A 100% Cotton paper that is made traditionally in France using a cylinder mould, this method means the fibres are evenly distributed, so the paper loosens uniformly when wet.

    Because of this manufacturing technique the composition has long fibres that gives the paper its strength and produces an attractive, natural, lasting whiteness and an incomparable feel.

    This strength helps the surface to resist damage when scratching or using an eraser minimising tears or linting, allowing paints to be removed, either wet or dry, easily revealing the whiteness of the paper. The paper can absorb a large amount of water with limited deformation.

    Available in single sheets 56 x 76 cm - 22 x 30 in:

    Natural white 640lb / 300gsm Cold pressed, Hot pressed, Rough

    Blocks glued on four sides 300gsm/140lb Hot pressed & Cold Pressed in Several sizes

    Other sizes, surfaces and rolls available to order.




    Fabriano Artistico is an 100% cotton, mould made, short grain, watercolour paper.

    Traditionally white without optical bleaching, it is chlorine and acid free to guarantee long conservation and stability over time.

    The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent and retaining its nature unaltered even if scratched.

    It has two deckle edges and is watermarked "FABRIANO+ARTISTICO" on the short side.

    The high quality paper makes it suitable for all professional artists and the most demanding amateurs.

    It is ideal for watercolour, tempera, goauche, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite,drawing and also suitable for printmaking.

    Available in single sheets:

    Hot pressed 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 640gsm/300lb
    Cold pressed 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 640gsm/300lb
    Rough 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 640gsm/300lb

    Watercolour Hardback Book

    Thread sewn with 30 sheets of 200gsm (90lb) Cold pressed (NOT) paper.

    Acid free paper, FSC certified, 25% cotton content. It is inside and surface sized for optimal painting results. Washable black hard cover

    Stocked in 14,8 x 21cm & 21 x 29.7cm

    Fabriano is also available to order in pads, blocks and rolls.


    Artists’ handmade, White Rag, papers from India made from 100% long fibred cotton rag.

    Acid free, internally neutral pH sized and tub sized with gelatine. Rough or smooth surface.

    For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.


    Rough 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 210gsm/approx 140lb
    Smooth 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 210gsm/approx 140lb

    Rough 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 320gsm/approx 200lb
    Smooth 56 x 76 cm (approx 22 x 30”) 320gsm/approx 200lb


    Daler Rowney Langton Watercolour Paper

    Popular amongst artists for many years, this paper is colour-stable, mould-made and acid-free. Like all the best watercolour papers it is acid-free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time.

    Blocks, glued on all four sides

    NOT Surface (Cold Pressed)
    12 sheets 300gsm (140lb)
    – 10 x 7" (254 x 178mm)
    – 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)
    – 14 x 10" (355 x 254mm)
    – 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)
    – 20 x 16" (508 x 406mm)

    Square bound pads, glued one edge

    Hot Pressed Surface
    12 sheets 300gsm (140lb)
    – 10 x 7" (254 x 178mm)
    – 2 x 9" (305 x 229mm)
    – 14 x 10" (355 x 254mm)
    – 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)

    Watercolour Postcard Pad A6, square bound, glued one edge

    NOT Surface (Cold Pressed)
    12 sheets 300gsm (140lb)
    Spiral bound pads

    Watercolour Spiral NOT Surface (Cold Pressed)
    12 sheets 300gsm (140lb)
    – 7 x 5" (178 x 127mm)
    – 10 x 7" (254 x 178mm)
    – 2 x 9" (305 x 229mm)
    – 14 x 10" (355 x 254mm)
    – 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)
    – 20 x 16" (508 x 406mm)

    Other pad types, finishes & sizes and loose sheets available to order

    Botanical Ultra Smooth

    Botanical Ultra Smooth is a high white paper formulated especially to meet the needs of artists requiring the ability to convey precise detail, yet retain the properties of a responsive high quality cotton watercolour paper.

    The surface sizing and high white shade allows a high contrast of colours and shades to allow the maximum colours of many media including watercolour, coloured pencils and acrylics.

    Sold in A4 & A3 Square bound 10 sheet pads

    SWB Brand watercolour pads


    A3 & A4, square and spiral bound 

    15 sheets of 350gsm/140lb NOT finish watercolour paper.

    White, heavyweight paper with medium surface texture, requires no stretching with 2mm greyboard backing and green design card cover.

    Available with Spiral or square binding options on the short edge

    Also available in A6 'Post Card' size





    A4 Landscape Hardbacked Watercolour Book

    25 sheets of 350gsm/140lb NOT finish watercolour paper with attractive hard grey cover and wide wire-o binding


    Lino Blocks, Cutters & Sets

    Oil painting paper in sheets, plus pads in Winton and Georgian ranges
    • Canvas Boards: wide range of sizes in Loxley and Winsor & Newton
    • Stretched Canvas: wide range of sizes and surfaces. Winsor & Newton Linen canvasses, Artists Canvas and Universal Canvas Twin Packs. Loxley canvasses in standard and Deep Edge, singles and Triple Packs.
    • Unprimed canvas: 12oz cotton duck 72” sold off the roll by the running metre.