Akua Pin Press- 20"

Akua Pin Press- 20"

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An economical, portable press designed for printing processes that require light pressure such as Monotype, Drypoint, Collagraph, etc. 

Simple to use, it is constructed from durable, lightweight aluminium that has been precisely machined to an incredibly even and smooth surface to give uniform contact between the roller, paper and plate. Brass bushes to ensure long lasting, trouble-free printing

It has crescent shaped handles that swivel and act as a stand when not in use, preventing it rolling off the table and stops surface of the roller touching the work top. To use, rest the palm of your hands on the flat side of the crescent shaped handles when printing, applying even pressure.

Its length allows the use of printing plates up to 19 ¾” inch (50cm) wide and comes with a full set of instructions.

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