Arches Aquarelle Blocks NOT (FIN) 300lb/640gsm

Arches Aquarelle Blocks NOT (FIN) 300lb/640gsm

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Blocks of 20 sheets, glued on all four sides, 300lb/640 gsm, ARCHES® Aquarelle, Fin (NOT/Cold Pressed) surface.

Arches boasts it is the only paper mill in the world to use gelatin size right to the core of the paper, this helps to preserve the transparency and vibrancy of the colours whilst stopping paints from penetrating through the paper. 

  • 23 x 31 cm - 9 x 12 in

  • 26 x 36 cm - 10 x 14 in

  • 31 x 41 cm - 12 x 16 in

A 100% Cotton paper that is made traditionally in France using a cylinder mould, this method means the fibres are evenly distributed, so the paper loosens uniformly when wet.

Because of this manufacturing technique the composition has long fibres that gives the paper its strength and produces an attractive, natural, lasting whiteness and an incomparable feel.

This strength helps the surface to resist damage when scratching or using an eraser minimising tears or linting, allowing paints to be removed, either wet or dry, easily revealing the whiteness of the paper. The paper can absorb a large amount of water with limited deformation.

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