Caran D'ache Plexiglass White, Rectangular, Double Sided Aquarelle Palette

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This unique, white plexiglass palette has one textured side that imitates the texture of paper, designed to allow the concentrated pigment of water-soluble coloured, graphite pencils and pastels to be used for watercolour painting, by applying the pencil or pastel to the palette and then using water and a brush to apply to your paper.

The other smooth side is suitable for all kind of paints such as Gouache, Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour.

Technical description:

Material: white plexiglass
Size: 260 x 130 x 3mm thick (approx. 10 x 5 x 1/8")
Resistant to alcohol, acetone, UV and scrubbing
Easily cleanable with water
Suitable for all kind of paints and water-soluble products.