Daler Rowney SYSTEM 3 Acrylic Gesso Primer 1L

Daler Rowney SYSTEM 3 Acrylic Gesso Primer 1L

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A fast drying Acrylic Gesso Primer that has been especially created as a ground for acrylic and oil painting.

It is ideal as a base for any large-scale work where primer is required: for example large paintings, scenery and murals and can be applied to many non-oily surfaces such as MDF, Plywood, cardboard, plaster etc. leaving a matt, water resistant surface.

It can also be mixed with acrylic colours (with the exception of metallics) to provide a coloured painting background.

For indoor use only, not suitable for use on glass, plastics or metals.

  • Stir well before use

  • Apply without diluting, using a brush or roller

  • Brushes and rollers should be cleaned with soap and water before they dry out