David Tress by Andrew Lambirth

David Tress by Andrew Lambirth

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Hardback book, 200 illustrations, 232 pages.

David Tress paints landscapes working in the Romantic tradition, primarily using the Countryside around his home in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire in Wales as his subject.

He paints his response to the landscape he knows and loves with an expressive power rare in contemporary art. His paintings combine formal assurance with a passionate response to subject: evocation of place is balanced by human involvement, just as realistic depiction is qualified by abstract mark-making.

Published in 2015 this monograph on David Tress (born 1955) is the first one of its kind to explore fully the cultural context of his thought and achievement and look in detail at all aspects of his career.

The Author, Andrew Lambirth and Artist have known each other for over 20 years, exchanging ideas on a regular basis, and discussing the background to Tress's paintings in terms of place, history, art and literature meaning the books text provides a rich authenticity.

In addition to this unique collaboration resulting in a book packed with insights and information it also contains seven poems (five previously unpublished) on related themes by the Author.

The book is written with with clarity and directness, and refreshingly free from art jargon. It draws on their long friendship, with new interviews as well as old and trusted observations, providing the kind of in-depth introduction to an artist seldom attempted in today's culture of superficiality. Lambirth's text reveals the full extent of David Tress's artistic endeavour and does justice to it with succinctness and originality.