DR System 3 Acrylic 500ml pots

DR System 3 Acrylic 500ml pots

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500ml size screwcap plastic pots.

System 3 acrylics are vastly versatile, medium bodied water-based acrylic colours with very high pigment load for excellent colour strength.

They offer an exceptional painting experience at an economical price.

Only high-quality pigments are used in the manufacture of the System 3 acrylic, providing significantly greater loading than in other acrylic paints available in this class. 

System 3’s range of 54 colours made up of a comprehensive range of core colours traditionally used by artists and a complementary range of specialty colours.

The paint offers excellent light-fastness, permanence, durability and covering power, with the exception of flourescent colours (which by the nature of their pigments aren't light fast).

All colours can be thinned with water to pale washes, or used directly from the pot or tube, drying quickly to create an insoluble film. The quick drying properties of the range enable the artist to work quickly, superimposing or juxtaposing colours without unnecessary fuss.

Also available in new sized packaging 59ml plastic tubes (replacing 75ml metal tubes), 6 popular colours in 1 litre pots and 18 popular colours in 2.25 ltr pots

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