Faber- Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils (singles)

Faber- Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils (singles)

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PITT Artists Pastel Pencils colour strip contains a high level of pigment, making them ideally suited both to drawing lines and shading, they have excellent light resistance and colour brilliance.

They are wax, grease and oil free, and are ideally suited for fine details in pastels.

They are ideal for fine lines but can be easily smudged to create fine color transitions with less of the mess and dust associated with traditional soft stick pastels, they can be used on their own or to complement soft pastel sticks.

The colour selection in this range places a particular emphasis on the muted shades and earth tones.

Only minimal fixing is required, ensuring that the pastel drawings retain their vividness of colour.

Wood casing of pencils are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Asterix next to colour name denotes level of permanence.