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Detailed Technical information

OPEN Acrylics are a slow-drying paint that offer an increased working time to allow artists to use traditional techniques typically more associated with oils.

They have a slightly softer consistency than other ‘Heavy Body’ paints.

Manufactured in America, Golden were the pioneers of Acrylic Paints for Artists.

It is recommended OPEN Acrylics are used thinly (i.e. less than 1mm thick) as thick applications can dry extremely slowly.

Because they dry slowly, the same paints can be used for weeks at a time by simply covering palettes or using sealed containers, reducing paint waste and preserving colour mixtures for future use.

Their slow-drying capability also makes them suitable for some printmaking techniques.

Drying time can be accelerated by mixing OPEN with faster-drying acrylics.


Priced in 9 different series dependant on pigments used.