Acrylic Mediums- GOLDEN Introductory Gel Mediums and Molding Pastes Set 945 (6 x 59ml)

Acrylic Mediums- GOLDEN Introductory Gel Mediums and Molding Pastes Set 945 (6 x 59ml)

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In new style packaging, this Introductory Set of GOLDEN Professional Acrylic Gel Mediums and Molding (they mean moulding, they're American!) Pastes offers the opportunity to experiment with a representative sampling of Gel Mediums.

They can be blended with acrylic colours to add texture, broaden the working properties or be used alone.

The set includes six 2 fl oz (59ml) tubes of:

  • Soft Gel Gloss, Mix with colour to produce a brilliant glaze. Soft gels can be a base for wet blending and also as an adhesive for collage. Thinner than Heavy Body Colors.

  • Regular Gel Semi-Gloss,  Useful for impasto and ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency without changing consistency. Has the same viscosity as Heavy Body Acrylic Colors

  • Extra Heavy Gel Matte, excellent for holding peaks, thicker than Heavy Body Acrylic Colors and may be blended with colours to increase body.

  • Light Molding Paste, designed to hold stiff peaks for highly textured surfaces and blend easily with colours, it is less than half the weight of standard GOLDEN Molding Paste. making it beneficial in creating large artworks and thick layers of material. It dries to an opaque, matte finish with good flexibility. 

  • Coarse Pumice Gel, creates a coarse texture to with a concrete-like finish drying to a hard film. 

  • Clear Tar Gel, useful for generating fine detailed lines by "dripping" it over surfaces, a clear, colourless gel it has a stringy, tar-like feel, allowing it to continuously flow from palette knives or other tools.  Its consistency makes it feel very different from other acrylic.

The full range of GOLDEN Gels, Pastes and Mediums are available to order, call 01437 779 646 or email for more information

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