Marbling Introduction Set by Jacquard

Marbling Introduction Set by Jacquard

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Everything required, except the substrate, to try your hand at Marbling.

Ideal for creating unique patterned fabric or gift wrapping paper and it is also a fun group activity.

With a rich history throughout Europe and Asia Marbling is the ancient art of floating paint on the surface of thickened water (known as the “marbling size”) and then transferring the floating design onto paper or fabric. 

The Jacquard Marbling Kit eliminates the guesswork that is typically associated with marbling and allows even beginners to achieve professional-quality results. All the Marbling Colours spread equally on the marbling size and produce the most intense results possible.

On fabric, the colours are soft to the touch and completely wash-fast after heat setting and also have excellent adhesion on other porous and semi-porous surfaces.

Recommended for ages 12+.


6 Marbling Colours, 5 oz/14 ml, one each: Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Black & White
5 fl oz/14 ml Synthetic Gall
4 oz/113 g Alum (mordant)
1 oz/28 g Carrageenan (Marbling base or size)
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