Markal Paintstik Oil Paint Sticks	Silver Series 4

Markal Paintstik Oil Paint Sticks Silver Series 4

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Made with linseed oil, wax and the finest pigments these oil bars are Oil Paint in stick form allowing for strong gestural marks, thanks in part that it isn't necessary to stop mid-stroke to recharge.

Use them on their own or in conjunction with other media including traditional oils.

Mixable with turpentine and low odour mediums for softening and to create wash effects.

Able to be used on a wide variety of surfaces, ideal for stencilling and for work on fabrics, they typically dry overnight.

They become liquid when applied and as linseed is a drying oil, a skin forms on the stick which  must be peeled off before use.

The sticks are non-toxic with no offensive odour and are particularly useful for field trips and multi-media projects.

Approx. 16mm dia x 115mm long (5/8 x 4.5")

Due to reproduction of printing. digital photography and variation in Monitor colours Colour chart's are purely indicative.