Dr. Ph. Martins Hydrus Liquid Watercolour 15ml (1/2oz)

Dr. Ph. Martins Hydrus Liquid Watercolour 15ml (1/2oz)

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Dr Martins Hydrus Liquid Watercolour is a beautiful vibrant and enchanting range of paints that provide 25 to 50% more brilliant colour than traditional tube watercolour paint.

Packaged in a plastic bottle with dropper 15ml bottle they contain fine artists' pigments to create transparent and luminous colours which offer freedom of bleeding and intermixing.

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They can be used as a traditional watercolour and are also is suitable for use with technical pens, calligraphy, fountain pens and airbrushes (ensure they are cleaned out soon after use).

Thanks to the dropper it is easy to remix the exact same colour over and over again by-simply jotting down your mix - e.g. 3 drops Ultramarine Blue and one drop of Burnt Umber creates a fabulous shadow colour every time.

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