Sennelier Abstract High Gloss Acrylic 120ml pouch- last of our stock reduced to clear

Sennelier Abstract High Gloss Acrylic 120ml pouch- last of our stock reduced to clear

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High Gloss Colours- Price reduced to clear remaining stock

With a high pigment concentration,  Sennelier describe this range of Acrylics as giving it a “creamy-to-thick consistency which they call Heavy Body”, these paints offer twice as much paint as their competitors at a similar cost.

In addition it provides "incomparable covering power and is a pleasure to handle with a brush, a palette knife or straight out of the soft pack”.

Many of the shades in the range are single pigment colours and are cadmium free.

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 Sennelier Abstract is a high quality, fine Acrylic Paint supplied in innovative packaging, the result of three years of research by Sennelier’s Expert Lab Team.

Satin available in 50 colours in 120ml & 20 Colours also available in 500ml.

As well as being a great acrylic to use, the price of the 120ml pouch comparable to its competitors tubes that are half the quantity, and the fact that it can be used for many applications and surfaces makes it popular with student, amateur and professional painters plus many other creative people.

Its innovative flexible pouch packaging offers many benefits:

  • It fits comfortably in the hand making much easier to use.

  • The strong pouch makes them much easier to transport and aren’t easily damaged like traditional tubes.

  • The packaging allows you to see the actual colour of the paint inside.

  • Additional nozzles are available to allow colour to be extruded in different widths

  • The lifespan of the paint is longer paint because air cannot get inside the pouch.

  • Paint can be used to the last drop.

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