Techniques Brushes Set by Derwent

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An assortment of synthetic fibre brushes offering specially chosen to allow different painting techniques.

The set comprises one of each:

Foam Brush - use for laying down a wash over over a large area such as backgrounds.

Sword liner - an exquisite brush for flowing marks; glide between fine lines and teardrop shapes. Ideal for petals and leaves.

Fan Brush - use to blend colours or when wet, the fan separates into fine points which can be used to create delicate marks such as hair and foliage.

Flat Brush - has great colour carrying capacity for laying down paint or water quickly with ease, use for broader strokes and fine lines.

Comb Brush - Use when you want to create fine separated lines, ideal for grasses & fur, for hatching or adding texture.

Rigger Brush - produces fine lines with a consistent width, ideal for thin, delicate lines and intricate work.