Uniball Uni PIN Fine line Pigment Pens- Black, Sepia, Dark Grey, Light Grey in range of widths 0.03- 0.8 & Brush tip

  • £2.45

The uni-ball PIN is an excellent value drawing and sketching pen with fade proof and water resistant ink in a range of sizes from 0.03mm up to 0.8mm and a new versatile brush nib. The full range is available in black plus Dark grey, Light Grey and Sepia available in 0.1 & 0.5.

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Being water resistant they are ideal when used with watercolour as once dry the ink will not smudge when wetted, or they can be used on their own for drawing and inking in pencil sketches.

The nib is supported and protected by a steel collar meaning the PIN drawing pens are long-lasting and will not be damaged from use with stencils.