X-acto Craft Knife spare blade packs

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No 11- Pack of 5, For delicate, precision cutting, detailing, trimming and stripping.

Fits 'A' handle knives

No 10- Pack of 5, Curved edge, for general cutting, light carving and slicing. 

Fits 'A' handle knives

No 2- Pack of 5, Fine point, for precision cutting of medium weight materials. 

Fits 'B', 'C' & 'D' handle knives

No 19- Pack of 5, Angled Wood Chiselling Blade. Large, flat blade with a tapered edge.

Fits No.2, No. 2 SGK, No. 5, No.6 & 3261 knife handles.

Use for light chiselling, de-burring, shaping and trimming a range of different materials e.g.Hard and soft woods, Linoleum, Plastics, Rubber, foam and more.

Its angled edge makes it easy to make the smaller, finesse cuts that would be tough to perform with any other chisel blade.

No.17- Pack of 5- Lightweight Chiselling Blade for  lightweight woods and like materials.

Fits No.1, No. 1 SGK, super No. 1, No.3 & Cut-all knife handles.

The chisel has a straight, razor sharp blade with a thin profile perfect for removing fine layers and performing detail work on delicate craft material including
Soft wood, Linoleum, Plastics and more

It is illegal to sell knives and blades to persons under the age of 18, don't be offended if we ask for proof of your age. If ordered on-line and you are unable to provide satisfactory proof of your age we not supply and will fully refund your order.