AJ Ludlow Handmade Watercolours Sets

Sets of AJ Ludlow's Hand crafted, high-quality professional watercolours, including exclusive to WoW Art Supplies, NEW Taster sets that provide a lower priced introduction to these beautiful single pigment watercolours.

The full range of 48 colours also available individually in 15ml glass jars.

PDF Colourchart

All contain single pigments and no other powders, meaning no compromising of the colours’ brightness, hue or transparency.

Using traditional binders and auxiliary materials each colour has been specially formulated individually to accentuate the properties of the pigments.

Supplied in 15ml clear glass jars, the colour can be easily transferred from the jar to the pallet with a pallet knife giving the artist more control over quantity compared to tube or pans.

Unlike tubes which may require unnecessary additives or formulation changes to make filling easier, the jar’s relatively large opening means these additional substances don't have to be used allowing the high transparency and brilliance demanded of a professional high quality watercolour range. 

A further advantage of using the clear jars the watercolour wet mass tone can be seen, easily inspected and if necessary re-mixed if separation occurs or if the colour dries.  

Complemented by a range of Mediums

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