Akua Intaglio Printmaking Ink 250ml (8oz)

Made with a soy-based binder and high quality pigments.

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Tackier and stiffer than Akua Liquid Pigment, it will print from any plastic, wood, lino or metal plate.

Although originally formulated for Intaglio Printmaking, it can also be applied with a brayer for Relief Printmaking, Monotype  or Collagraphs. 

When used on intaglio plates, plenty of ink remains in the grooves, resulting in sharp images, strong blacks and rich colours. It also wipes off cleanly requiring less time and effort than other ink types. 

Prints well on dry or damp paper. 

Does not contain toxic driers, the ink will never skin or harden in the jar or on any non-absorbent surface meaning a long working time and ink isn't wasted due to unwanted drying.

Cleans up quickly with a dry rag or with washing-up liquid.

A range of Modifiers for the Akua range are also available.

Currently online only, typically available for Click & Collect from the shop or dispatched for delivery in 1-2 working days.

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