Bockingford Tinted Watercolour Paper 140lb, 22 x30" PACKS of 5 - Selection of colours

30 x 22 " (76 x 56 cm)

Blue, Eggshell, Grey, Cream and Oatmeal.

An Acid free, 140lb/300gsm, NOT (CP) watercolour surface, also available in packs of five single colours and mixed.

Ideal for Multimedia, in addition to watercolour the paper is a great textured surface for pastels, gouache, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and pen & ink.

Acid free, with an attractive surface created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture, popular with professional and amateur artists around the world, due in part to its affordable price.

Tinted Bockingford® Paper is made in England by St Cuthberts Mill on a cylinder mould machine.