Brusho Watercolour Crystals Sets & Accessories

Brusho is a crystallised, transparent, intense, highly-pigmented watercolour. 15g re-sealable containers hold a large amount of colour in small space.

Non Toxic, acid, VOC & Oil free

Fully mixable, use them like standard watercolours, drop onto wet paper or sprinkle onto dry paper then spritz with water to get gorgeous, unique spreads of colour, alternatively mix them to water and spray.

Pigments are combined with binders that are specifically formulated to enhance performance and visibility of each colour 

All colours have a good degree of lightfastness –  with a rating of between 4 and 6

Exclusively manufactured in the UK.

If purchased online some sets have a free gift included.

When using more than one colour, start with the lightest colour first, gradually working through to the darkest.

Ideal for watercolour painting, multi-media projects, card making, stencilling, scrap booking, design work, plus

  • Ink & Wash, colouring prints.

  • On Fabric (Not fixable, use for decoration only) outstanding effects can be achieved for wall hangings, design work, stage backdrops etc

  • Stencils – use with a stencil or spray diffuse, once dried stamps can be used over the top.

  • Wax resist– create design on light coloured paper using wax resist sticks, crayons or candles.

  • Colouring paper products e.g. paper flowers,

  • Monoprinting and much more

It is recommended a high quality uv spray is used to protect Brusho® and other water colour paintings from damage caused by dust, dirt, humidity, ultra violet radiation, smoke, scuffs and scratches.

Leaflets giving some ideas and techniques supplied in each pack.

Full range is 32 colours