Citadel model paints

Citadel paints are a range of high quality acrylic based paints designed for Warhammer models, but useful for other types of painting and modelling in a wide range of colours and types.

In resealable pots of either 12 or 24ml dependent on the colour. Buy 6 or more across the ranges and get 15% off.

Base- Base coat

Shade- Flows into recesses to create shading

Layer- Opaque paints for creating highlights.

Dry- Create highlights with a dry brushing effect

Glaze- Ideal for intensifying areas of colour.

Edge- Similar to Layer paints but in lighter shades to create bright highlight effects.

Technical- for achieving a range of effects such as rust, blood splatters or realistic looking ground.

Texture- As the name suggests create textured bases.

Spray- Similar to Base, but being a 400ml aerosol spray allows for quick and neat application.