Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Artboard Pad, NOT Surface 1.4mm thick- A4 & A3

Pad containing ten sheets, glued along one long edge, of sturdy 1.4mm thick boards laminated with Aquafine NOT (Cold pressed) surface watercolour paper, removing the need for stretching and providing high water absorbency.

Ideal for use indoors or while out & about.

Acid free Aquafine watercolour paper is manufactured using 100% virgin wood pulp which has been calcium carbonate buffered to prevent the deterioration of colour and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time, every sheet is free of optical brightening agents and both internally and surface sized.

Ideal for use with Watercolour, Gouache or Inks.

Designed for Artists of all abilities that prefer to work in mainly ‘dry’ watercolour painting techniques, the surface is fairly hard providing good erasability and suitability for masking fluid.