Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Inks

Mixable, fluid, transparent artist's ink colours that can be applied with a brush, airbrush* or pen.

FW Pouring Medium 750ml

Washes will dry to a water-resistant film on virtually all surfaces and successive layers of colour can be laid over.

FW Artists’ acrylic based Inks in a range of 38 pigmented colours, which have either a 3 or 4 star rating for permanence (with the exception of Fluorescent colours),  ideal for the production of artwork likely to be on permanent display.

Complemented by FW Pearlescent Inks which are a unique range of 22 colours producing a gorgeous, shimmering pearl effect.


Also available, BLACK & WHITE in 180ml bottles, Sets and a specialised POURING MEDIUM.

*Standard FW Artists’ Inks work well through airbrushes and technical pens, Pearlescent's aren't suitable due to larger pigments.