Glue - Humbrol Poly Cement-24ml tubes

Glue - Humbrol Poly Cement-24ml tubes

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A solvent-based cement suitable for plastic model kits only.

Use with plastics commonly used to manufacture model kits including polystyrene and ABS.

Works by melting the plastic on application and 'welding' two glued pieces of plastic together to form a strong bond.

Application - Directly onto plastic model kits. A cocktail stick can be useful to apply sparingly to small areas or fine details.

Coverage- dependant on thickness of application.

Drying time - Surface dry in 10-20 minutes. Fully dry in 1 hour (Drying times will vary according to ambient temperature and humidity).

How to clean: Can be removed if not fully dry by re-dissolving with Liquid Poly or more Poly Cement.

Permanent once dry.