Pro Arte Series 45 'Sablesque' Blended Mop Brushes

Mop brushes that use the traditional three-knot ‘quill’ to bind the particularly fine hair tightly enough to create a brush with a superb 'belly', giving it the ability to hold huge amounts of colour and come down to an extremely fine point. A boon to watercolour artists working on a grand scale.

'Sablesque' was recently developed by Pro Arte to address the ever increasing costs and limited availability of some natural hairs.

These brushes are made with a perfect blend of natural and synthetic hair, to give the performance of a sable but with added the durability of a synthetic.

Available in sizes of 000-00-0-2-4-6-8-10

Coated wooden handles, brushes between 190 to 200mm overall length (approx.)