Originally In developed in 1949 by Sennelier for Pablo PICASSO who had been looking for a medium that could be used freely on a variety of surfaces without fading or cracking.

Sennelier oil pastels use top quality, high covering pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium and mineral wax.

The pigments are ground with an inert, non-drying binding medium that does not oxidise and that has no effect upon either film stability or surface. This base is then mixed with a  neutral pH wax. The balance of this mix gives Sennelier oil pastels with a unique unctuousness and a creamy texture, allowing for real freedom of expression.

In addition to the original 'classic hues' a selection of unique shades is available, and in particular a gradation of greys, required for a balanced palette. 

They provide an excellent brightness and a high degree of light stability (with the exception of metallic and fluorescent shades).

The range includes 110 'standard' colours and 10 iridescent colours.