Stonehenge pads

Stonehenge made by Legion Paper in the USA  is an Acid free/neutral pH, 100% Cotton paper.

Originally created in 1972 as a print-making paper, it subsequently became popular for artists using many different mediums. 

An excellent silkscreen paper with its ability to take as many as 50-75 colours, printed one at a time, maintaining perfect colour registration thanks to its incredible dimensional stability.

Favoured by the Colored Pencil Society of America, it has the ability to take multiple layers of wax or oil based coloured pencils without any buildup, allowing colours to penetrate and absorb into the surface of the sheet.

Applications include; Watercolour, Pen & Ink, Pastel & Charcoal, Hand Lithography, Intaglio, Letterpress, Offset, Relief Printing, Silkscreen, Stationery

Pads contain 15 sheets 115lb (250gsm) paper, with the exception of 18 x 24" which contain 12 sheets.

Mixed pads contain three sheets each natural, fawn, cream, pearl grey and warm white.

Available in: 9 x 12" (22.9 x 30.5 cm), 11 x 14" (27.9 x 35.6 cm), 18 x 24" (45.7 x 60.9 cm)