Vic Bearcroft Velour paper Pastel Pads

Pads of 10 sheets, 260 gsm (120lb) Acid free, Velour surfaced paper designed specifically for Pastels.

Developed in association with well known professional wildlife and pet portrait artist Vic Bearcroft.

The velour surface's fine hairs provide a deep tooth, allowing for clean application of colour layer after layer, while the softness of the surface also means colour can be applied evenly or provides the ability to change the opacity of colour by applying more or less pressure.

While Vic Bearcroft helped develop the velour surface to compliment creating fur textures, the pads are also ideal for any subject of work, including portraiture or landscapes.

Available in two sizes:
'Regular' 25 cm x 35cm (10 x 14")
'Large' 35 cm x 50cm (14 x 20")
In Dark or Light pads, with 5 sheets of each Black & Dark Grey or Sandy & Light Grey.

Available online