Art Instruction Book - ACRYLICS - Acrylic Paint Pouring by Tanja Jung

Art Instruction Book - ACRYLICS - Acrylic Paint Pouring by Tanja Jung

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16 fluid painting projects & creative techniques, create unique and beautiful works of art using a variety of fun paint pouring techniques.

Paint pouring is the latest technique to take the art world by storm, and stunning and unique effects can be achieved by simply pouring acrylic paint onto a surface.

Like to see inside?

Learn about the qualities of acrylic paint and the variety of mediums, gels, pastes and resins that is available to create a huge range of fascinating effects.

It includes advice on what tools you'll need, the kinds of painting surfaces that are suitable for acrylic pouring, and how to dry and seal your finished picture ready for display.

After the comprehensive techniques section, which includes intriguing methods such as dirty pour, flip cup, double swipe, puddle pour, tree rings and dipping, there are 16 great projects to try all with clear instructions, materials lists and step-by-step photographs. But there's no way you'll stop there paint pouring is addictive and you'll soon be creating amazing works of art of your own!

Table of Contents
Introduction 7
Materials 8
The World of acrylic paints 10
Materials for acrylic pouring 12
Additional materials 17
After pouring 23
Surfaces for acrylic pouring 26
How to start 28
Techniques 30
Mixing the paints 34
Setting up the workspace 36
Projects 38
Dirty Pour 40
Dirty Pour meets Flip Cup 44
Black Beauty 48
Orange Dream 52
Light as a Feather 56
Perfection All Round 60
Pink Cyclone 64
Dream Pair 68
Pull the Strings 72
Crazy Rings of Colour 76
All In One Go 80
Paint Puffball 84
Flower Power 88
Neon Night 92
Colour Bath 96
Double Dirty Cup 100
Index 106
About the author 108
Acknowledgements 109


Publisher: Search Press
Edition: BC Paperback
Publication: 28 May 2020
Size: 225x225 mm
Illustrations: 165
Pages: 112