Art Instruction Book - ACRYLICS - Learn to Paint in ACRYLICS with 50 More Small Paintings by Mark Daniel Nelson

Art Instruction Book - ACRYLICS - Learn to Paint in ACRYLICS with 50 More Small Paintings by Mark Daniel Nelson

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Pick up the skills, put on the paint, hang up your art!

Instructions on creating 50 small-format finished paintings using a wide range of techniques via short walk-through exercises. 

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Whether you’re a weekend or a painting-a-day kind of painter, there are plenty of wonderful challenges here to keep you occupied and build your skills.

A sequel to his popular first book, old fans and new followers will love this practical, how-to paint acrylics book, presented in the same thoughtful and thorough way in five simple steps.

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Introduction To Materials And Techniques
Choosing a surface
Acrylic paint
Colour and value
Basic design principles
Transferring your drawing
Displaying your work

Projects will include:
1. Basic paint application: Door
2. Mixing tints and shades: Envelope
3. Opaque layering: T-shirt
4. Simple shadows: Child's chalk drawing
5. Using simplified shapes: Toy duck
6. Exploring brush size: Pastry with sprinkles
7. Introduction to Massing: Daisy
8. Textured layering: Red barn
9. Simple reflections: Hot-air balloon
10. Understanding fabric: Theatre curtain
11. Painting a rough surface: Brick wall
12. Painting wood: Artist’s palette
13. Combining rough and smooth surfaces: Egg on toast
14. Painting negative space: Swan
15. Expressive brushstrokes: Banana peel
16. Hatching brushstrokes: Thistle
17. Combining large, medium, and small shapes: Paintbrush
18. Introduction to cubes: Butter and knife
19. Introduction to ellipses: Pineapple slice
20. Introduction to spheres: Pincushion
21. Introduction to cylinders: Pancakes
22. Introduction to cones: Birthday hat
23. Light and shadow on a cube: Sandwich
24. 'Slicing' a cylinder: Cake
25. Intermediate cubes: Building block giraffe
26. Combining a sphere, ellipse, and cone: Ice-cream cone
27. Light, shadow, and value: Paper bag puppet
28. Reflected light: Takeout carton
29. Subtle drybrush layering: Misty mountains
30. Luminosity: Iced tea
31. Translucency: Teabag
32. Transparency: Butterscotch candy
33. Luminosity and transparency: Lightbulb
34. Luminous glazing: Hazy city

Publisher: Search Press
Edition: BC Paperback
Publication: 15 May 2020
Size: 215x254 mm
Illustrations: 450
Pages: 144