Artisan Water Mixable Oil- Thinner - 250ml

Artisan Water Mixable Oil- Thinner - 250ml

  • £14.00

  • Keeps Artisan colour 'open' longer than using water as thinner.

  • Specially developed to maintain an oily feel  

  • Doesn't make paint on the pallette thicken, unlike water (due to its quick evaporation)

  • Provides less colour change than there would be if paint is thinned with water.

  • Low odour.

  • Can be cleaned up with water.

  • Able to be combined with Artisan oils to prepare mediums

      Designed specifically for use with Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour to allow all the techniques available to traditional oil painters.  

      The formulation of the mediums, thinners and oils allows them to be mixed with water and used without the need for any hazardous solvents.

      Product Safety Data Sheet