ARTISTS OIL PAINT - 225ml TUBE - Michael Harding - Titanium White No.3 (Linseed Oil) -FASTER DRYING

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Large 225ml tube.


Titanium White No. 3 (No. 130) is identical to Titanium No. 2, but has the addition of cobalt drier.

Formulated for artists who need a white that can dry quickly, especially in colder temperatures.

Please note that the addition of dryers can result in compromised longevity of the paint film.

Titanium White No. 3 is the only paint within the Michael Harding range to have this addition

Also available ground with Safflower Oil, (Titanium White No.1) 

Colour Index


Drying Speed

Fast (Added Drier)


Very Opaque



Oil Content

Very Low

Tint Power




ASTM D-4236

Widely recognised as one of the best Oil Paints available, Michael Harding Oil Paints are made by hand in Wales, adopting techniques dating back to the days of the Old Masters.

Michael Harding states "As an artist and painter I wanted to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint which was beautiful and durable"

PDF Colour Chart & Guide

The paints are described as having a buttery, creamy texture that are easy to handle and their texture is easily manipulated.

Strong colours are vibrant and true. that offer the great coverage. Due to the high pigment levels they are highly resistant to fading.