Clairefontaine Pastelmat  360gsm, Pads 24 x 30 cm- White

Clairefontaine Pastelmat 360gsm, Pads 24 x 30 cm- White

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24 x 30 cm (Approx 9 x 12")

In pads of 12 sheets, Acid free, Pastelmat Cork Grained paper is designed specifically for Pastels & Charcoal with no requirement to use fixative between each layer allowing multiple layers without a saturation effect. 

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To see the difference between Pastelmat and standard pastel paper see the first video below.

Hard wearing, the heavyweight paper allows rubbing out or to wet the paper and will keep its original properties, it has a coarser surface than velour but a considerably softer surface than sand paper. 

Each sheet is protected by a crystal paper divider.

Available in:

18 x 24 cm (Approx 7 x 9")
24 x 30 cm (Approx 9 x 12")
30 x 40 cm (Approx 12 x 15")

WHITE- 12 sheets of white

NEW SHADES- 3 sheets each White, Sienna, Brown & Anthracite

LIGHT SHADES-3 sheets each Buttercup, Maize, Dark Grey & Light Grey




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