Color Wheel Create-A-Colour Artists Colour Mixing guide

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A black & white Color Wheel left un-coated to allow you to create your own personalised version, paint with your preferred medium e.g. Oils Acrylics, Pastels, Watercolours etc. using your own favorite colours. 

A simple to use guide to mixing colour; select a colour on the outside wheel, align with a colour on the inside wheel and the correct mix appears in the guide's window.

By organising colours in a circle it allows you to visualise how the colours relate to each other, making it easier to learn their relationships.

The 9 ¼” (23.5 cm) diameter wheel with added features including a gray scale and glossary of important terms with definitions of frequently used colour concepts. Simple instructions for mixing secondary and intermediate colors as well as tints, tones, shades, and complements.

Complimented by the Pocket Guide to mixing colour, also available- the original full colour printed Color Wheel.