Sketching Set- Conté à Paris SKETCHING CARRÉ Crayons- STUDIO SKETCHING SET

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The Conte Studio Set has a great selection of assorted Conte pencils, Carré Sketching Crayons and accessories, ideal as an introduction or a selection for established artists to have to hand for drawing and sketching.


12 Sketching carré crayons, 6mm square x 65mm long, very soft to apply, one each of:
Bistre, Sanguine, Sanguine Medicis, Sanguine Watteau, Sanguine XVIII c, Grey, White B, Black HB and two each of: Black B & 2B

The square shape of the carré crayon makes them ideal for a range of effects from fine detailed work to applying coloured backgrounds.

3 Sketching Pencils, one each of:

Pierre Noire Pencil - a dense black soft lead that is  indelible and matt, use on a wide range of surfaces, including sketch pad, craft paper and canvas.

Sanguine Pencil - A deep "rust", gives lines that are easily blended.

White Pencil - Gives a clear line with a transparent colour.

1 Tortilion, 1 Stump for blending and a Kneadable (putty) eraser.


Conte Sketching colours are made from natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether).

Carré Sketching Crayons available singly 

Also available in a range of 70 Colour Crayons.