Acrylic Pouring Medium -  DecoArt® Clear Pouring Top Coat - 16 fl oz (473ml)

Acrylic Pouring Medium - DecoArt® Clear Pouring Top Coat - 16 fl oz (473ml)

  • £18.99

Create a smooth, crystal clear, lacquer-like, high-gloss finish to Acrylic Artworks with this water-based, non-yellowing pouring topcoat.

Ideal for flat art surfaces including canvases and wood panels, no-mixing is required and no harsh chemicals are used.

How to Use 

  • Do not shake.

  • Pour over dry, painted surface.

  • Tilt surface for even coverage and drain off excess to prevent pooling.

  • Smooth out sides with a palette knife or brush.

  • Place at a 45° angle and allow to air dry overnight.

  • If a thicker finish is desired, apply a second coat and place surface at the opposite 45° angle.

  • Avoid disturbing surface while topcoat is drying.

  • Application temperature above 50°F.

  • Clean up with soap and water clean up.

    Tips for Use 

    • Pour enough Clear Pouring Topcoat to cover the entire surface at one time. Tapping the edge of the surface helps spread the product over the edges.

    • Use a gloved hand or a palette knife to wipe off excess from the edges.

    • If applying a second coat, ensure the first coat is dry. Most applications of Clear Pouring Topcoat will dry within 12-48 hours.

    • To produce a transparent tint, paint can be mixed with the Clear Pouring Topcoat. Be sure to mix well to ensure an even coat.

    • Care should be taken if using tape to mask off the edges or other areas of the surface as there is the possibility of breaking the film created by the Topcoat when removing the tape, wait until the paint is dry to touch. Use a craft knife to score along the edges of the tape. This will ensure the paint will not be pulled up with the tape.

    • To reduce the amount of waste, pour a small amount of Clear Pouring Topcoat about 3 inches (75mm) from the edge. Tip until that side and edge are covered. Next, pour a larger amount close to the first poured area and tip in the opposite direction. Clear Pouring Topcoat is self-levelling, so it will level over the small ridge between the two sections. 

    • DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat has outstanding adhesive properties, but paint pouring mixtures that contain paint conditioners and other latex paint additives may weaken the adhesion of the paint underneath the Clear Pouring Topcoat, causing the paint to pull away from the surface of the substrate. For best results on paint-poured artwork, use Clear Pouring Topcoat over pieces that use only acrylic paint and DecoArt . Avoid using over waxy or oily surfaces.