Fixative Spray- Spectrfix - DEGAS - Non-toxic - Pump dispenser - 360ml (12 US fl.oz)

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Protects and seals artwork while leaving with no toxic fumes or strong odours, making ideal for indoor use.

Non-yellowing, 100% archival, it is made with casein (derived from milk protein), water and alcohol, based on recipe used by French Impressionist painter, Edgar Degas. 

Packaged in a 360ml (32oz)  hand atomiser bottle that sprays in a fine mist.

Dries quickly to an invisible matte finish leaving  brilliant colours, combining well with almost all media, drying to a hard, water-resistant finish.

Use with Soft Pastel, Pan Pastel and Oil Pastel, Coloured Pencils, Graphite, Charcoal, Chalk or in combination with Watercolour, Gouache, Casein, Ink or to layer other media into Encaustic.

Allows for deep layering and it will provide extra traction when used with 'slippery' media such as colour pencils or oil pastels.  

It can also be used under Oil or Acrylic paints to prevent under-drawings from smudging. Casein will bond permanently with the covering layer of oil paint, and similar to egg tempera, it has been used for centuries for grisaille or colourful underpainting which can then be glazed with oil.

May be used on all papers, sueded or gritted paper (not LaCarte), primed or unprimed canvas, wood panels, unglazed ceramic, stone, leather, glass, etc.

Should not be used as a final top coat over Acrylic or Oil paint.

Ideal for crafts, it holds a wide variety of media without dulling their sheen or brilliance.