Watercolour Paint Sets - Derwent - METALLIC - Paint Pan Set & Waterbrush Pen, inc. FREE Spritzer worth £4.99

  • £21.00
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Twelve assorted Metallic Paint Pans which contain extra fine metallic pigments providing a reflective glint, maintaining their shimmer once dry.

Apply in creamy opaque strokes, to layer and blend on the page, outstanding when applied to both light and dark paper. 

Suitable for a range of fine art or craft projects.

Portable set with fold out lid which offers five mixing areas contains 12 Metallic paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and five mixing palettes.

Includes FREE OF CHARGE 1 x  Spritzer worth £4.99

Colour Palette - Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pale Gold, Sunset, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Ice Blue, Lime Gold, Green