Daler Rowney Acrylic ‘Staywet’ Palette & Refills

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The StayWet palette by Daler Rowney enables artists to work all day using Acrylic paints, keeping the colours moist and workable, using osmosis, enabling artists to paint all day with their paints uncovered.

When not in use, the palette is covered with its lid and the reservoir topped up to keep the paint moist allowing previously mixed colours to be saved  for another day and so reducing waste.

Available in two sizes, each palette comes with a refill pack of three sheets of reservoir paper and 12 sheets of semi-permeable membrane. 

  • Large  508 x 279 x 25mm (approx 20 x 11 x 1")

  • Small 254 x 279 x 25mm (approx 10 x 11 x 1")

Refill packs available separately, containing 3 sheets reservoir paper & 12 sheets semi-permeable membrane.

On-line only, typically available for collection or dispatch for delivery in 1-2 working days.