BLOCK / LINO PRINTING - CARVING BLOCK - TRADITIONAL LINO - Essdee Art Print - 406 x 305 x 3.2mm (16 x 12") Pack of 2

  • £22.00

3.2mm thick, traditional hessian-backed linoleum blocks manufactured specifically for printmaking. 

Made from traditional materials including Linseed oil and wood flour (making it bio-degradable) it is formulated to be soft to enable easy carving.

It has a light grey surface allowing designs to be drawn directly or traced on using a pencil.

Use for printing onto a wide range of surfaces including paper, board & fabric with either water or oil based inks.

Available in a range of sizes.

To prevent the surface from hardening it is recommended that Linoleum is stored in an air tight bag or container and kept away from heat and direct sunlight.