Himalayan Lokta handmade papers 20 x 30", 30gsm

  • £1.25

51 x 76 cm

Handmade papers made from the bark fibre of lokta, an evergreen shrub that grows above 3000 metres in the Himalayan foothills in Eastern Nepal. 

The paper is not absorbent and can be used for projects including pen and ink work, collage or simply makes a beautiful paper for wrapping, plus the Natural can be used for print making

Dyed to vibrant colours,  the plant fibres are pleasingly visible in its finish.

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Dyeing carried out in the Kathmandu valley using dyes that meet current EU standards on effluence and toxicology.


It's durability and resistance to tearing, humidity, insects and mildew traditionally made lokta paper the preferred choice in Nepal for the recording of official government records and sacred religious texts.


 Please note colours displayed are only indicative.