Modelling Clay- SPECIALIST CRAFTS - Air Dry or Fire - 12.5KG

  • £31.25

Soft, stone coloured clay which can be air dried or kiln fired.

Containing a small amount of nylon fibres to give it strength when air dried or it can also withstand kiln firing. It is similar to the now unavailable NEWCLAY product. 

Softer to work with than some of the leading brands, the shrinkage rate will be slightly more than firmer clays. 

Once the clay has been air dried, it can either be decorated with acrylic or gouache paints and varnished for an extra hard coating.

Kiln fire from 1120-1280°C, it can be glazed with traditional stoneware glazes only.

When kiln firing, it must be wedged well to remove air bubbles and dried slowly and thoroughly before going into the kiln.

Please note that the quoted weights are approximate and weights may vary.

Please note: When air-dried the clay will still be affected by moisture of any kind, if not kiln fired then they are not intended to hold liquids.

Not all kiln clays are guaranteed to be impervious to liquids even when classed as stoneware. For pottery pieces intended to hold water or to be protected from frost damage also apply a glaze to reduce the chances water absorption, making sure to avoid pinholes or crazing of the glaze.  Always place vessels holding water on a mat to protect porous surfaces, such as wood, from damage