Acrylic Pouring Medium -  Pebeo Sudio- Silicone Oil 50ml

Acrylic Pouring Medium - Pebeo Sudio- Silicone Oil 50ml

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Plastic bottle with dropper in lid for use with Pebeo and other s to create 'cell' effects.


Adding Silicone Oil

A few drops of Silicone Oil into the -colour mixture (3 to 8 drops maximum depending on the amount prepared) will aid with the creation of cells. Adjust according to the desired effect (Warning: if there is too much silicone oil, it may create holes in some places).


Using a blowtorch on the mixture of colour, & silicone oil just after pouring  speeds up the cell creation process, but do not wait until the mixture is dry otherwise the blowtorch will have no effect.

Don't use the blowtorch too close to the surface in order not to burn the paint.

Once the surface is completely dry, to remove excess silicone oil, wipe with a soft dry cloth or a cloth lightly doused in alcohol. Do not rub too hard otherwise you risk damaging the surface of the work.