Pro Arte Series 99 Connoisseur One Stroke (Flat) Brush - 3/16"

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Created to get the best of both worlds of Sable and synthetic fibres, big colour holding capabilities combined with stroke precision and durability. 

Ideal for edges, solid shapes, applying washes - one stroke brushes originally developed for lettering.

Designed and formulated for use as a watercolour brush, using a carefully calculated blend of long lasting synthetic Prolene and natural, pure sable, at a price way below a solely Kolinsky Sable brush.

  • Bristle width - 4.76mm

  • Bristle Length - 10mm

  • Overall Brush Length - 205mm

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These beautiful one stroke brushes are manufactured from the same high-grade mixture used in the Pro Arte Series 100 rounds.

Seamless nickel ferrules. Black polished handles with red and white tips (approx. 165mm long).

Sizes: 1/8in-3/16in-1/4in-3/8in- 1/2in-5/8in-3/4in-1in-11/4in