Tracing Down - TRACEDOWN  A4 Pack of 5 Sheets- ASSORTED

Tracing Down - TRACEDOWN A4 Pack of 5 Sheets- ASSORTED

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210 x 297 mm, 8.3 x 11.7”

Wax free Tracedown transfer paper allows a quick and simple way to copy images by placing one sheet face down between your original and the surface you want the image on and simply tracing over the original's outline (using the same principle as Carbon Paper).  

Tracedown allows you able to erase your traced image like pencil, if necessary.

Available in A4 or A3 packs of Single or Five sheets, supplied in re-sealable plastic pocket with cardboard liner.

Available in Graphite, Assorted (1 sheet each colour), White, Yellow, Blue or Red 

It can be used multiple times to transfer your image to surfaces including paper, canvas, board and wood.

The darker coloured Tracedown sheets use graphite as the transfer medium and are ideal for use with white paper or light coloured surfaces.

For projects on darker surfaces white and yellow are more suitable.