Unison Colour Half Pastel Sets- Starter 16

Unison Colour Half Pastel Sets- Starter 16

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Presented in a 'professional' blue, heavy weight cardboard box with foam insert, specially selected by Unison with colours to create a wide range of subjects, perfect for those who are beginning their pastel journey or simply as an addition to a full set.

Unison Colour Soft high quality artists’ pastels, handmade in the UK using traditional pigments, allow for ease of use with a smooth, buttery, highly blendable texture and are water soluble.

Intensely pigmented with superior lightfastness.  

Set contains: Grey 2, 13, 27. Red 9, Yellow 10, 12. Green 6, 9, 12. A15, 28, 29, 30. Blue Violet 7, 10, 17